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An online casino is a very accessible online entertainment solution that depends on you and your self-control if it becomes a hobby or a problem. Don't spend more money or time than you should; don't think too much about it.

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This article is about online casinos, especially 4rabet casino, and how safe gaming is effective in helping to promote responsible gaming with different organizations and contacts for Indian users, as well as suggestions and recommendations to help individuals with potential gambling problems. 

Your search and arrival at this post reflect intelligence, knowledge, and activism to solve your problems or to know and browse these concepts, welcome player; let’s get to the point. 

What is responsible gambling? 

Responsible gambling is related to conceiving and participating in games of chance safely and without risking amounts of money that are harmful to our finances, personal lives, and environment. 

Responsible gambling is all about having a gaming experience for pure entertainment with no desire to make money for a living or to get rich. 

Do you have a potential gambling addiction problem? 

Here we raise a series of questions that should be answered to help determine if there are any potential problems with gambling. 

  • Do you feel relaxed if you don’t play casino games constantly? 
  • Do you feel guilty because of the amount of money you spend gambling? 
  • Have you noticed a change in the weather, and now you need to play larger amounts to feel the same excitement as before? 
  • After a big loss of money, is it hard for you to stop playing? 
  • Is your constant gambling causing personal financial or other problems such as stress or anxiety? 
  • Personally, do you think you might have a problem with the game? 

Helping someone with a gambling addiction 

In the same way, if you are trying to find information to help a relative, family member, or friend, you can ask these questions and get them thinking about identifying gambling-related problems. In India, there is still no official body at the state level regulating online gambling and no government contact organization; however, there are various aid organizations. 

Here is a list of the most common signs to help you identify if you have or think someone is having a gambling problem. 

Financial signals: 

  • Bank and wallet money begins to dwindle 
  • Constant disappearance of household and valuables 
  • Lack of financial stability despite having a stable salary 
  • Constant requests for loans 
  • Recurring unpaid bills 
  • Secretive with financial records 
  • Food shopping starts to get smaller 

Mood and Behavior Signs: 

  • Sudden drop in performance at work 
  • Personality changes 
  • Distancing from loved one 
  • Manipulative behavior 
  • Bad mood and worries for no particular reason 
  • Using threats and lies to manipulate others 
  • Feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and depression 
  • Poorly adjusted sleep schedule 

Time indications: 

  • Ignore important things for hours playing 
  • Taking a long time to perform simple tasks 
  • Recurring excuses and unexplained absences 
  • Always late for appointments 
  • Evading responsibilities to play 

Legal age for gambling and protection of minors 

Likewise, in India, legal casinos respect the protection of minors, and it is only allowed to play online from the age of 18. Little by little, this law is being enforced more, and undoubtedly with the arrival of a national managing organization, protection will be increased very soon. 

Even so, there is the possibility that minors register accounts using data of adult acquaintances or that they register in casinos where the data is not verified. This presents a great risk for minors, and therefore if we have a minor close to us or in our care, we can use parental control applications and web pages to monitor their activities, such as: 

  • Net Nanny 
  • Family Link (Google)  
  • Qustodio Parental Control 
  • Kaspersky Safekids 
  • Circle 
  • Koala Safe 
  • Kids Place 
  • Webwatcher 
  • Cybersitter 
  • Cyber Patrol 

Responsible Gambling Tools 

Internally, each operator and with the creation of each game account, each individual has a series of tools to set limits and alerts and combat potential problems with abuse of the casino itself. 


A self-assessment is the first tool you should use. Some casinos and gambling help sites offer a self-assessment section, which will help you assess your gambling addiction level. Some casinos do not need a registered account, so you can use it if your usual casino does not have this section. 

Deposit Limits 

Deposit limits are a very useful feature that operators offer players to maintain control and set a limit on their deposits. Players can set daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits. 

Stop loss 

Likewise, players can impose a loss limit, which means that if players have had a bad run and reached the loss limit that has been set, a trigger will go off that will not allow the player to bet more money from the game account. 

Active session limit 

The active session limit also works, and when it is exceeded, a warning window will automatically pop up, and later the game session will be closed. 

Rest or time out 

Time out in an online casino account consists of making a temporary self-exclusion. To do so, players must request it from the Customer Service Department. On the other hand, some casino platforms allow players to customize a temporary self-exclusion from the panel of their profile once the session has started. 

Wagering limit 

The wagering requirement, better known as rollover, is the amount we have to bet our bonus amount to release and convert into real money. Generally, the wagering requirement of a bonus offer ranges from x10 to x50 times the bonus amount. 

Transaction history 

The transaction history is great for tracking your total deposits and withdrawals and thus always knowing your balance. If you can’t find it, you can request it from the casino’s customer service department by email, live chat, or phone. 


Self-exclusion is the hardest method, which consists of excluding yourself forever from an online casino platform; that is, you will never be able to play in that casino again or create an account. Remember that if you create another account with false information, there may be bans since it is prohibited. To exclude yourself, you must go to the user panel within the account or, on the other hand, communicate with the casino’s customer service department.  


Unlike the time limit, time alerts simply notify us that we have exceeded the set time, and it is up to us whether to continue playing or leave the session.