4raBet Betting in India

The Indian online betting market is booming. There are plenty of websites out there, competing for the rapidly growing audience of passionate gamblers. But once you browse through the list of bookmaker websites available in India, you’ll notice a small detail – not many of them accept rupees. The 4raBet betting service was the first online bookmaker in the country to adopt its functionality to the Indian monetary and language parameters. Add an impressive variety of sports as well as significant cultural and social events, and you’ll get a great website to bet on. Let’s see what else it has in stock for you.

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4RaBet Game — Find Out What True Gambling and Betting Are!

Do you want to try your hand at casino games or do you like betting and think you can make money from your hobby? It’s great that gambling and sports betting are becoming more than just pleasant entertainment. Reliable portals, for example, 4RaBet — an online casino and betting platform at once, play an important […]

4raBet Sportsbook in India

The service has been around since 2018, and considering how quickly the website is gaining new members, it won’t take long until it gets wider recognition and becomes one of the leading players in Asia, pushing some of the popular names aside and setting a new bar for a regional casino venue.

A quick tour around the website is enough to see that it’s made with the smallest details in mind. Great design, user-friendly interface, and easy navigation – this is where the top-notch betting experience begins. Color tones complement the website’s overall aesthetics.

All you need to join the world of forecasting, predictions, and luck is a few rupees on your account (at least 300, to be precise). Once you join the bookmaker’s audience, you’ll get access to:

  • Helpful support team with English-speaking managers who are also fluent in Hindi;
  • A wide line of daily rates (from 1,000 and more);
  • Convenient money management;
  • A convenient mobile application;
  • Sweet bonuses and more.
🔥 Year of establishment 2018
🚩 Market India
💲 Minimum Deposit amount ₹100
💵 Maximum Deposit amount No
🎁 Bonus Get a 200% Bonus for the first deposit

Sports & Games You Can Bet On 

The website provides a huge array of events to profit from. Be it fans of traditional sports or users looking for something exotic, anyone will find something to their liking.

The first part of the promo code: 4rab (go)


The world of cricket is much bigger than major leagues like IPL, BBL, or CPL. On 4raBet, you’ll find a variety of betting options for less popular ones, including Ireland Inter-Provincial Cup or St Lucia T10 Blast. Apart from that, the service has begun publishing odds for The Hundred, a fresh English league that will introduce new rules this summer.

The pros of cricket betting:

  • Lots of matches. Cricket is one of the few sports that offer events all year round.
  • Game series. Cricket matches are highly frequent, with one team sometimes playing several games per week.
  • High max bets. International cricket matches come with decent maximum bet limits.
  • No ties. This boosts the chances of winning, as well as the prospects for betting in the long term.

The cons of cricket betting:

  • Long matches. A game may last from several hours to several days and the duration of the game depends on the league.


This is the absolute champion of international betting, but that’s not that surprising for the most popular game on the planet. The best time for betting on football is major world championships, but there are always a few smaller events during the week.

The pros of football betting:

  • Numerous national and international tournaments and lots of information about them;
  • You can place bets all year round. Some leagues follow a spring-fall pattern, and others follow a fall-spring pattern. Large international national team competitions take place in the summer.
  • High odds.

The cons of football betting:

  • National tournament matches are usually played on weekends. Not many options on other days.
  • For a full analysis, you need to research each player in both teams, and that’s 22 people.

Table Tennis

At the moment, table tennis is on the rise on bookmaker websites, with more than a hundred different events taking place daily. Table tennis is a dynamic game. On average, it takes up to ten seconds to play one round or serve, and about two minutes per game, but professional tennis players can compete for hours.

The pros of table tennis betting:

  • Quick games. Place a bet, have a 15-minute break, go back to 4raBet, check bet status, get your winnings – simple and fast;
  • Competitions are held all year round;
  • You may find underestimated events. If you’re really good at table tennis, you have a great understanding of the sport, and subsequently a great opportunity for a profit.

The cons of table tennis betting:

  • Fixed matches are quite common.
  • Low betting limits.


Volleyball will never become as global as football, but it still has a solid fanbase. The sport is very beginner-friendly, but it’s not nearly as entertaining as major sports types because of its monotony. Despite this, bettors love volleyball because it’s quite similar to tennis, with sets and separate draws, which means the order of scoring is fixed. Apart from that, volleyball games are held throughout the season.

The pros of volleyball betting:

  • No ties;
  • Teams are easy to analyze;
  • Bets all year round.

The cons of volleyball betting:

  • Little information to analyze;
  • Few major tournaments;
  • Low bet limits.

Virtual Sports

Cybersport is steadily making its way to one of the most popular sports for bettors. The competitions of the world’s top gamers are not only fun to watch but also quite profitable. You’ll always find a few esports events on the 4raBet betting site.

Other Sports

For those who prefer to bet on less popular events, 4raBet offers a decent selection of options for legal betting, from kabaddi to handball, futsal, and water polo.

Betting Options

A wide choice of betting options is 4raBet’s calling card. Try all of them and find out which one fits your style of betting.

Single Bets

This is the basic option. The bettor places a bet on a certain outcome of a particular event. Let’s take two imaginary football teams for example – team A and team B. You think team B has a better chance to win and bet on that. That’s single betting. On 4raBet, you can place single bets in a couple of clicks.


As the name implies, this is a set of bets combined into one. It usually comes as an accumulator bet. What is an accumulator bet? In 4raBet, you can try betting on the outcomes of several (two or more) events. You’ll win only if you correctly predict all the outcomes. Let’s say two football teams (A and B) are playing at the same time, and you predict that both of them will win. If that’s the outcome, the winnings are yours. If at least one of the outcomes is incorrect, you lose. Feel free to bet on different sports at the same time.


This option is about predicting certain events. For example, when betting on a horse race, you can forecast that horse A will win and horse B will finish second.

Matched Betting

This is basically a bonus bookmakers give to newcomers and regulars. If the bet wins, it’s calculated according to the standard rules, but if it fails, the bookmaker returns the amount of the bet to your account. Bookmakers also offer matched bets for significant sporting events.

Pool Betting

It’s a specific set of sporting events where the player needs to guess the outcomes. The number of events can vary – it depends solely on the bookmaker. Usually, websites offer pools for 15 sporting events. Your task is to predict the outcomes of all the proposed pairs, but you don’t have to be accurate in all outcomes to get a win. Bookmakers determine the minimum number of events you need to predict correctly to be eligible for a cut of the betting pool. Usually, the player is allowed to make 3-4 mistakes.

How to Place a Bet in 4raBet

All gambling and betting websites offer a similar user experience, so if you know the basics, you can jump straight into the action, and if not, feel free to learn how to place a bet in 4raBet with this simple step-by-step guide.


Go to the 4raBet betting website, click “Registration” right in the middle of the screen, fill in a quick form below by entering your e-mail and password (there’s also a field for a promo code in case you find one), and hit “Sign Up.” Validate your account, and you’re all set.

Make a Deposit

Get to “Deposit/Withdrawal” and choose the most convenient banking option. The website offers several electronic payment systems, but you can also opt for cryptocurrency for payments.

Place a Bet

You can choose between live and pre-match betting. Once you’ve picked one, select the sports type you want to profit from. After that, you’ll see a window with all matches currently available in your section – pick one and click on the odds. Type in how much you’re betting (keep in mind that the minimum bet in 4rabet is ₹100), and click “Place a Bet.” That’s it! Now lean back and wait for your winnings.

4raBet Betting Tips

Now that you know how to bet on 4raBet, let’s try to tip the scales in your favor right from the start. Here are the major tips for a beginner:

  1. First things first, always check the betting rules for a specific sporting event. Make sure all the tricky nuances are completely clear to you before placing any bets.
  2. Start by playing with small amounts. There’s always a risk that you may confuse or misunderstand something.
  3. Don’t chase high odds because there may be pitfalls in them. It’s safer to bet on favorites with powerful motivation. If you’re sure about your predictions, combine bets into multiples.
  4. Figure out your bank beforehand so that You always know how much you’re ready to spend, what rates suit your style better, and, more importantly, when to stop.
  5. Be sure to keep an eye on the odds line. A rise or a sharp collapse is never an accident. Follow sports news. Keep analyzing. Before you bet on a specific team, research its previous successes and the overall state of the team.
  6. Play exclusively at reliable bookmakers. The 4raBet sportsbook is gradually building up a reputation as a licensed and user-friendly website for newbies and experienced punters.

Deposits and Withdrawals

4raBet offers several banking options, from conventional deposit methods used worldwide to local systems. Here’s what you can choose from.


  • Neteller and Skrill. Massively popular e-wallets, used by punters around the globe. Their key advantage is swift transactions.
  • Perfect Money. Another electronic payment system serving as an alternative to the previous two.
  • PayTM, UPI, and IMPS. These are Indian banking methods that actively compete with the international ones on the local market.
  • Cryptocurrency. This option allows you to use Bitcoin without exchanging it first.


Not all available deposit methods are also acceptable for withdrawals. At the moment, you can claim your winnings through PayTM or IMPS. Here’s a quick guide for PayTM:

  • Enter your account and proceed to “Deposit/Withdrawal;”
  • Click on “Order the Payment” and select PayTM;
  • Type in the valid wallet number and the amount you’re withdrawing (₹1,000 minimum);
  • Press “Withdraw” and wait for the money to arrive.

For IMPS, the first two steps are similar, but instead of the wallet number, you need to provide the account name and number, as well as IFSC code. For this method, the minimum withdrawal amount is ₹3,000.

How to register on the 4RABET website:

Open the website.

Click on the “Registration” button.

Choose “Email” or “Phone”.

Fill in the data.

Enter a password.

Choose the account currency.

Enter a promo code, if you have one.

Choose between sports or casino bonuses.

Enter a promo code, if you have one.

How to Bet On 4raBet?

Firstly, you get an account on the site and top it up. After that, you just select the type of sports betting, sports, and a match; then, you click on the odds, type in how much you’re betting, and click the button. Be sure to check out betting tips from 4raBet before playing.

What Is Accumulator Bet In 4raBet?

An Accumulator bet is an option that allows you to combine several matches (from 2) in one bet. The potential winnings grow bigger as the odds get slimmer. To claim the winnings, you need to correctly predict the results of all matches in the bet.

Is There A Minimum Bet In 4raBet?

An Accumulator bet is an option that allows you to combine several matches (from 2) in one bet. The potential winnings grow bigger as the odds get slimmer. To claim the winnings, you need to correctly predict the results of all matches in the bet.

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