4raBet Sign Up Promo Code - 200% Matched Bonus

When looking for a place to gamble, bonuses are a great motivational factor. That is why bookmakers are willing to give their newcomers additional bonuses after registration or first deposit. One of the better bookmakers out here in terms of matched bonuses is 4raBet. You might ask: “how do I claim my bonus in 4raBet?”. In this article, we will describe and explain the whole procedure, so that everything becomes crystal clear.

Bonus up to

40000 INR

to Free Bets


Get bonus

Get 100% bonus for First deposit.

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4rabet sign up promo code


4raBet Free Bonus For Each Product

The bookmaker is not widely known for having a wide range of bonuses to offer. However, there are some that many would find very attractive. So let’s have a look at available free bonuses at 4raBet.

🎁 Bonus for the first deposit As high as 200%
💰 Max sum of the bonus As high as 30000 Indian rupees
📌 Minimum deposit 300 rupees
⚡ Where to use the bonus Sports, casino and others games

200% First Deposit Match

The first type of bonus 4raBet is offering is a first deposit match. And while most online bookmakers only have a 100%, 4raBet went further and complemented every newbie with a generous bonus of 200% to their first deposit. Of course, there is a limit when it comes to this type of bonus, which is equivalent to £580. But comparing it to other online bookmakers, this amount of welcome bonus is rather overwhelming. To get this bonus, all you need to do is to enter a 4raBet promo code. Keep in mind that if you want to claim the 200% first deposit match, you will have to make a deposit first. 

Deposit Incentive Through Paytm

You can get another bonus on the website when making your deposit through PayTM. In order to receive this bonus, you will be asked to sign up for the card of PayTM via 4raBet. The incentive system itself is really attractive considering the amount you will be credited. The procedure can be completed through any kind of device, which makes it even handier. Another great advantage for 4raBet users is that the PayTM deposit incentive is available at even the lowest deposits of under 5 pounds. 

Winning Cases

If you are the type of person who is willing to take risks, this option is ideally suitable for you. Winning cases are available to purchase for all the members who want to get a monetary amount within the given bonus incentives. It means that you have around 10 winning cases with different ranges of potential winnings. Depending on the type of case the range can differ up to 350 pounds. Although, if you are not lucky enough, the winnings might as well not match your expectations.  

Telegram Channel Subscription

While this sounds more like a recommendation, the subscription to the Telegram channel of the bookmaker will provide you with all the information you will not be able to find anywhere else. It includes daily updates, upcoming events, and much more.


4raBet Promo Code India 2023

It is a great opportunity for Indian gamblers to claim a bonus using a 4raBet promo code in 2023. After a brief registration process, you should enter a promo code that can easily be found on advertising websites. 

How To Start An Account With 4raBet Sign Up Promo Code


When you are all ready for an exciting gambling journey make sure you know where and how to complete registration. To use your 4raBet sign-up promo code you should follow a simple instruction below.  

Look For The Registration Link On The Homepage

If using a browser version of the bookmaker, find the registration link that is located right on the homepage. It is necessary to receive your welcome bonus, otherwise, you won’t be given your 4raBet registration promo code. 

Provide An Email Account And Password

Another step you should make is to enter your real email address and password. Remember that a strong password is a key to increase the safety of your money and account. 

Enter The Appropriate Promo Code

By “appropriate” we mean an up-to-date one. Again, it is not a big deal to find a valid promo code for 4raBet on the Internet, or simply by asking a support team of the online bookmaker. If, by any chance, the promo code is expired and no longer valid, wait until the bookmaker updates it. 

Agree To The Terms

We all know how annoying reading the terms and conditions is, but it is there and nobody forces you to sign for anything you do not agree with. Get familiarized with what 4raBet has to offer and if you agree with it, there is not much left to do before delving into gambling. 

Complete The Signup Process

That is the final step to make before you are able to claim your bonus and start to play. After you are done with everything, you now have an open account with a welcome bonus to explore a wide range of possibilities awaiting on the website.


Bonus +200% For The First Deposit

There is nobody who would not enjoy having a bonus for the first deposit as high as 200%. 4raBet is one of the very few online bookmakers that will provide you with such a high percentage on your first deposit. 

Minimum Deposit

Indeed, the great advantage of 4raBet is that the minimum deposit to claim a bonus is very low so that anybody with any budget can try it out. Obviously, the more you deposit, the bigger bonus you will get as a result. However, depositing, say, 300 rupees you will get 350 as a bonus. 

Max Sum Of The Bonus

Although having such big bonuses is overwhelming, there is a limit to which you will be credited a maximum sum of the bonus. Currently, you are not able to get more than 30000 Indian rupees with your deposit of only 10000 rupees. 

Wagering Requirements

Please note that there are certain wagering requirements that you must not overlook. Those are not extreme and easily done. So, if you want to withdraw your bonus, you will have to make an only bet on any event with odds of no less than three. In case you win, you can enjoy your winnings with an additional 5% of the total amount of bet. 


If you are still confused, there is an example of how it all works in practice. Let’s say you have deposited 4000 rupees to your main account. It means that you now have an additional 6000 for your bonus account, making it 10000 in total. When you place your 4000 on any match with odds of 3 and win 4000*3 = 12000 rupees, you will get an extra 5% of 200 rupees along with your winnings, meaning you now have 12200 rupees. So now you have 12200 rupees on your main account and 9800 rupees on your bonus account. After the end of a game, you will have 14 calendar days left for your bonus account funds, after which they will expire. All the won-back money from your bonus account to your main account is now available for withdrawal. As you can see, using your free 4raBet promo code to have some extra money for your winnings is quite a nice way of complimenting the website’s members.  


How To Use 4raBet Bonus – What Sports Can I Bet On?

Having mentioned everything regarding the bonus system of 4raBet, you might still have a question in your head: “How can that bonus money be used on 4raBet?”. Well, there is a wide range of sports the bookmaker has to offer, including the most popular ones like football, basketball or even cybersport games. But if you have a thing for gambling, 4raBet also has plenty of online casino games to play. If you are comfortable gambling via your smartphone, feel free to download an application. Again, you can always look up any review of the games presented so that you have a better understanding of what the website has to offer when figuring out how to use your 4raBet bonus. 

How Does a Bonus Work In 4raBet?

There are different types of bonuses available. For example, you can get 200% to your first deposit and also receive money on your bonus account depending on how much you bet. 

How Do I Claim Bonus In 4raBet?

In order to claim your bonus, you should get familiarized with the wagering requirements described above.

What Sports Can I Bet On Using 4raBet Promo Code?

The range of sports for betting is rather wide. On 4raBet you can bet on popular sport games such as football or basketball, as well as e-sports, horse racing, etc. 

How Do I Register With 4raBet Promo Code?

When completing your registration process, you will be able to enter a promo code that will then automatically be credited to your account.